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    “I've been coaching kids for almost 16 years in BJJ and this is the best singular look at the subject I've seen.

    As a professional educator (university professor) who teaches people to work with kids and youth you have done an incredible job with this. Thanks for sharing it.”

    Drew D.

    Black Belt

    What you get:

    The How To Teach Tiny Humans eBook and mini course that will teach you how to make kids classes easy and enjoyable to teach.

    What is it all about?

    • The 4 essential things you should do at the start of a class to ensure your students are engaged and ready to train.
    • The SSL principle and why every class you teach has to include each of these elements.
    • 3 ways to reduce the risk of injury and what to do if an accident happens.
    • 6 different types of rolling and how they'll help your students improve faster.
    • The perfect timeline of a class that keeps your students learning, and wanting to come back time after time.
    • A whole lot more!!!